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Pest Control Treatments For Ghost Ants

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Ghost ants are annoying when they invade your kitchen. They're so tiny, it's difficult to keep them out of your home with exclusion techniques. The first step in ghost ant control is to identify the type of ant you have. You can look at ant pictures online, or you can let the pest control company identify the ants for you. Ghost ants are tiny and have pale bodies that are difficult to see. They're sometimes known as sugar ants since they like to eat sweets. Here's how to get rid of these ants.

Clean Up The House 

Like other ants, ghost ants come into your house searching for food. You may need to be strict about keeping food sealed until the ant problem is over. You'll also want to clean up food crumbs and not leave food sitting out on the counter, or you could have some happy ants that just keep coming back for more food.

Locate The Nests

Ghost ants can live indoors, and that makes them even more annoying. They can live outdoors too, but if they find food inside, they might decide to move in. The original nest can split when a female decides to leave. She can take some adults and young ants with her to start a new colony. The ants like to live in bathrooms and kitchens, but you could find a nest of them anywhere. Once the nests are found, the pest control company can apply treatments.

Apply Pest Control Treatments For Ants

The pest control company may spray outside for the ants, treat mounds directly, or they may use liquid bait treatments inside. Since ghost ants like to live inside and outside, it's best to treat both areas.

The bait will be carried home to the nest to kill ants in the colony. It's important the treatments are applied so the bait can make it back to the nests to wipe out all of the colonies on your property.

Since ghost ants split up into smaller colonies, it may take a while to get rid of all the ants if there are several nests. Still, you should notice a decreasing number of them over time until they're no longer a nuisance.

Even though the ants are tiny and can get inside your house easily, the pest control company may recommend exclusion techniques. There's no downside to sealing up your home since it keeps out larger insects too. It will at least make it more difficult for ghost ants to get in, and it may even keep them out when your home is sealed up well.

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