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Mosquitos Are More Than A Nuisance

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Enjoying your yard or outdoor space with worrisome mosquitos buzzing around your head is more than aggravating. The mosquitos attacking you can do more than leave itchy red spots dotting your body. They can carry harmful viruses and diseases that can be dangerous to you and your family. Knowing more about these pesky insects and several mosquito prevention methods hopefully will keep you and your family safe during the upcoming outdoor season.

Did You Know — The Mosquito Edition

Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite? While both the male and female collect nectar, the female needs the protein from blood meals to produce eggs and feed the baby mosquitoes

Did you know mosquitos really do bite certain people more than others? Although everyone not using an insect repellent as pest control is subject to being bitten, mosquitos are more attracted to some people based on several factors. These factors include the following:

  • Carbon dioxide 
  • Higher body temperatures
  • Eccrine Sweat
  • Natural skin bacteria
  • Skin odor

Certain things, such as your diet, can also make you a candidate to be a mosquito buffet. This attraction comes from foods you eat and drink, affecting the types of compounds released from your skin and metabolized into odor molecules. 

Did you know that a female mosquito can drink its whole body weight of blood during a meal? Their species and size determine the amount of blood they suck. 

Did you know that some mosquitoes only need as little as 1/4" of water to lay hundreds of eggs at a time? This requirement means that even a tiny area of water can become home to a whole host of adults. 

What Pest Control Methods Work Best?

You can use numerous pest control methods to help reduce the mosquito population in and around your home. But one of the best ways to prevent and eliminate mosquitos around your home is by hiring a professional pest control service.

A professional pest control service will start with a detailed and thorough property inspection. The technicians will identify potential mosquito breeding and resting grounds around your home or business. They will point out these areas to you and help you address them before targeting these areas with insecticide. 

After a while, any insecticide becomes ineffective. Many professional pest control companies will return throughout the summer and respray your yard to ensure you remain pest-free.

Contact a company like Pass Pest Control to learn more.