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Why It's Important To Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Yard

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There's no debating that raccoons can look cute when you see pictures or video clips of them online, but they are an animal that you don't want to see up close. Raccoons frequently prowl residential neighborhoods at night, often taking up residence in peoples' yards, unsecured sheds, and other areas. If you encounter raccoons on your property, you might initially be tempted to shrug off their presence and simply hope they go away. A better approach is to contact a pest control service that has experience in dealing with raccoons. Here are some reasons that you want to keep raccoons out of your yard.

Attacks On Pets

While it's unlikely that a raccoon would attack your young child as they play in the yard, these animals can be a threat to small pets. Thanks to their powerful bite, raccoons can cause serious harm and even death to domestic pets. For example, if you were to let your small dog out in the yard when nature calls, one or more raccoons could aggressively corner it and attack it. When you hire a pest control company to remove raccoons from your yard and make the space inhospitable for them to return, you'll be keeping your pet safe.

Hazardous Droppings

If you have a raccoon in your yard, you can expect to encounter this animal's droppings. In the unfortunate event of having an entire family of raccoons in your yard, the number of droppings on your lawn and garden may be considerable. Raccoon droppings are toxic, which means that if your pet consumes them or your child touches them and then inadvertently puts their hands in their mouth, it could cause serious health issues. If you grow herbs and vegetables to eat, you don't want to worry about raccoon droppings around their food sources, either.

Property Damage

Raccoons are also problematic because of the damage they can cause to your property. Their teeth are sharp and their hands are surprisingly dextrous, which allows them to cause damage that is costly to repair. For example, if you have a swimming pool, a raccoon could bite or claw holes in the cover, damage hoses, and harm other equipment. A raccoon that gains access to a pool house or garden shed can also cause plenty of damage to the inside of the structure and the possessions that you store in this space. Contact a pest control company if you have raccoons in your yard.

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