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Ridding Your Property of Pesky Wasps

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If you recently noticed wasps hanging around your property, you likely want to eliminate them so you are able to enjoy your outdoor space without the risk of being stung. Wasps become agitated when they are provoked, making it necessary to take precautions when going about the elimination process. Here are steps you can take to ensure your outdoor living space remains wasp-free.

Locate Nests to Prepare Your Plan

In order to remove wasps from your property, you need to know where they have located their nests. To do this, wait until dusk and watch any wasps flying around your property so you can observe their flight patterns. Wasps tend to build nests in areas where they are difficult to see, such as underneath eaves. When you know where wasps are staying, you will have a better idea about the tasks you need to undertake to remove their lairs or to set traps.

Set Out Traps Especially for Wasp Removal

Traps are available to lure wasps into them. These can be set up a few feet away from any nests that you have located. Wasps will be attracted to the scent of bait within the traps, and any insects that make their way inside of the traps will not be able to get back out. It is best to set up traps during the nighttime hours when wasps are not active.

Be Careful When Using Sprays

Wasp-killing sprays can be used to eradicate wasps on contact. When you use one of these chemical agents, be sure to wear a respirator and cover your entire body so you do not get stung by wasps during the spraying process. Keep yourself a distance away from a nest when spraying and plan on running to an area where you are protected from any insects that decide to charge after the spray is administered. Spraying a nest should be done during the nighttime or early morning hours when wasps inside are not completely active to minimize the chance of being stung.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you have qualms about going through the process of removing a nest on your own, contact a bee removal service in your area. Some unspecialized pest control services will provide bee removal; however, there are also services that specialize in bees, making them great options for the undertaking of removal of these pests as they will have the knowledge of bee habits.