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Reducing The Mosquito Population On Your Property

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If you own a home and have a property that you use during the warmer times of the year, you undoubtedly have had incidents occur where mosquitoes have been nuisances while you were spending time outdoors. There are a few effective actions you can take to help to keep the mosquito population at a minimum so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

Set Up Citronella Devices In Areas You Frequent

When you wish to spend time outdoors, prepare the areas where you intend on using most with some citronella candles or tiki torches. These not only help to keep mosquitoes from getting too close to you but also emit a pleasing scent that many people find to be calming. Keep these items in a garage, shed, or screened-in porch along with a lighter or matches so they are always within reach when you decide to catch some rays outside of your abode.

Keep On Top Of Lawn Maintenance

If you allow foliage upon your property to grow and become unruly, mosquitoes will have plenty of areas to lurk without your knowledge. When you go outdoors, they will congregate toward you. Mow your lawn regularly, remove weeds, and trim back tree and bush branches on a routine basis.

Remove Any Uncovered Water Source

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Because of this, any spot where stagnant water is present is at risk of becoming a mosquito haven. If you keep a kiddie pool on your property, cover it with a tarp when it is not in use. If you have a birdbath, remove water at the end of the day and refill with fresh water for birds the next day. Dump the water out from old tires, containers, and gutters so they do not become mosquito breeding grounds.

Encourage Mosquito Predators To Your Property

Birds and spiders both eat mosquitoes. To help keep mosquitoes from infesting your property, encourage birds and spiders to stick around. Feed birds seed each day and hang a few birdhouses up on trees or the side of your home to encourage birds to settle in. Keep spiders around by using lights at night to attract insects toward them. Spiders will then feed on any pests that get close.

Enlist Help From A Pest Control Service

If you find that mosquitoes are overbearing each year, it is wise to have an evaluation conducted by a professional pest control service in your area. The business you hire will assess your property for areas where mosquitoes are likely to stay and will make recommendations to help in eliminating them. This involves the use of chemical agents or traps to be set up in strategic locations.

For more information on pest control, contact a professional near you.