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Dealing With A Carpenter Ant Infestation

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If you have seen carpenter ants inside of your home, you likely want to find a way to have them eliminated from your personal space for good. Carpenter ants cause damage to wood, making it important to get a handle on an infestation as soon as it is discovered. Here are tips to locate the source of a problem and eradicate it so ants do not continuously invade.

Find Out Where Ants Are Hiding

When you notice ants inside your home, you may be tempted to kill them upon sight; however, if you take the time to observe their behavior, you may be able to find out where they are harbored so you can deal with the infestation completely. Watch ants and see where they go. They will likely retreat to an area along a wall or under a doorway, leading to a possible location for their nesting area. 

Carpenter ants tend to make their lairs in areas of wood, especially if it is subjected to excessive moisture or has a mold issue. If you discover an ant that gets inside of a hole near a walled area, head to the exterior area opposite the spot where the ant headed. The outside of your home may have crevices present that allow ants to gain entry to the interior. Holes where ants are living usually have small piles of sawdust underneath them, as ants do not ingest wood but spit it out as they create their nests.

Contact A Pest Control Service

The best way to eradicate a carpenter ant problem is to contact a pest control service in your area. Give the service information about where you believe ants to be living as a starting point for workers to check when they arrive. Pest control services use chemical agents to kill ants, as well as bait traps to encourage ants out of lairs. If you prefer non-chemical tactics, be sure to alert the service to inquire about whether they provide environmentally friendly methods for ant elimination.

Keep Ants From Coming Back

After a pest control service takes care of an existing ant situation, keep up with a few steps to keep new ants from coming into your home in the future. Move woodpiles away from your home so ants are less likely to make their way to your doorstep. Remove any water sources around your home and check interior plumbing for dripping so repair work can be conducted if necessary. Trim back tree limbs so they do not touch your structure as well.

Reach out to a pest control service to learn more.