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How To Use A Termite Bait System

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Termites cause destruction to structure materials. Because of this, when termites are noticed in a home or business quick action to remove them is necessary to reduce the damage these insects cause. A termite control bait system aids in the elimination of termites and is relatively easy to use once you learn how it works.

What Is Needed For A Successful System

 A termite bait system comes with all the components necessary to successfully start attracting termites. You can also purchase items separately. A system usually consists of long, hollow stakes and bait. Stakes are made of thick cardboard with a plastic shell covering or of a cellulose material that resembles wood. Most kits provide users with several stakes, however, depending upon the size of your property you may need to purchase more than one kit for maximum effectiveness.

How To Insert Stakes Strategically

Insert the stakes into the ground around the perimeter of your home or business. Place them a few feet from your structure and no more than ten feet apart to give your property the best protection possible. Include stakes in areas where termites are known to congregate such as around woodpiles, near sheds, next to crawlspaces and basements, and anywhere where moist soil is prevalent. 

Use Bait To Slowly Reduce The Termite Population

Many people expect instantaneous results when they use a termite bait system. Termite bait systems are used outdoors and aid in the elimination of pests over time. The entire process usually takes a week or two before the number of termites you notice starts to diminish. Termite bait is placed inside of each stake. The stakes have small holes drilled in the sides of them for termites to access. When termites discover the bait, they usually eat a bit and take some back to their nest to share with the rest of their colony. 

Keep Tabs On Bait And Termite Numbers

Check your stakes regularly and add new, fresh bait every few days. Termites that do not even access a stake will eventually die from the bait brought into nests from termites that did take bait earlier. If you do not notice bait disappearing, move your stakes a couple of feet outward from your home and recheck a few days later. If termite population numbers are not dropping around or in your home, add more stakes to your property or call a pest control service for assistance.