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Portecting Your Home By Encapsulating The Crawl Space

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Your home's crawl space can be among the more isolated areas of the home. However, this does not mean that the crawl space is an unimportant area. In fact, there are some upgrades to the crawl space that can greatly benefit the entire home.

Why Should You Go Through The Trouble Of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space?

Having the crawl space encapsulated can be a major undertaking. However, the benefits that it will be able to provide to the home can be substantial. When acrawl space is not encapsulated, it can be at risk of suffering extensive moisture and pest damage. In addition to causing problems for the crawl space, this may also spread to the other areas of the home. This can occur due to mold and mildews spreading spores throughout the home. Encapsulating the crawl space is also good for the energy efficiency of the home as it will reduce the drafts that can make the HVAC system work harder.

How Can Water Vapor From The Ground Cause Problems For The Crawl Space?

While water damage is among the most prominent threats that your crawl space will have to face, you should be aware that direct flood is not the only potential cause of water damage to a crawl space. It can also occur due to water vapor from the ground. If the water vapor gets in the crawl space, it will condense. These small droplets of water can damage the surfaces that they are on if they are allowed to be in contact for an extended period of time. Preventing this damage is done by placing a vapor barrier over the ground. This barrier will stop the moist air from the ground from reaching the crawl space where it could get trapped.

Will Having The Crawl Space Encapsulated Create Disruptions In The Rest Of The Home?

Despite the fact that a crawl space encapsulation will be a fairly substantial project to undertake, you should generally expect there to be minimal disruptions to life in the rest of the home while this work is being done. This is generally attributable to the fact that the crawl space will be in an isolated area of the home. During this work, you may hear hammering and other activities, but this should largely be the extent of the disruptions you experience. This can vary based upon the particular way that your home is designed. However, you should generally not expect to have to leave the home for this project to be completed.