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Are You Being Bitten By Mosquitoes Or Bedbugs?

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Are you being bitten by bedbugs? If so, then you need to get in touch with a pest control service in your area immediately to eliminate this very stubborn pest from your home. However, you may not be being bitten by bedbugs; instead, your bites may be from mosquitoes since they are often confused with one another. If this is the case, then your residential pest control service can't do too much about the issue. So, prior to calling your local exterminator, make sure that you are able to identify whether you are dealing with bedbugs or mosquitoes by using these five identifying factors. 


When you are dealing with a mosquito bite, you will generally have a skin-colored or reddish-colored raised bump that will often darken to a reddish-brown shade after a day or two. You don't normally see bedbug bites at first, but they will become red and blotchy with time. In some instances, you may notice small blood stains on the skin near the bite site. 


Mosquito bites are well-known for being extremely itchy. With bedbug bites, you aren't sure what you'll get—they may be itchy, and they may not be. However, you will almost always have a burning sensation that is not present with a mosquito bite. 


The most distinct feature of bedbug bites is that they will appear in a line, generally where the body meets the mattress. With mosquito bites, they are much more random and can show up anywhere on your body.  


When you are dealing with bedbug bites, they slowly appear and will stay around for several days. With mosquito bites, however, they show up quickly and disappear almost as quickly as they appeared, which makes them far easier to deal with and heal from. 


Believe it or not, it is possible to build up a little bit of resistance against mosquitoes. The more that you are bitten by these pesky little insects, the less your body will react when you are bitten by them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said regarding bedbugs. It is imperative that a professional be called as soon as you realize that you have a bedbug infestation in the home. 

If you have identified that you have bedbug bites instead of mosquito bites, you need to get rid of the bedbugs in the home. Contact a pest control service in your area for help.