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How To Control Squirrels So They Don't Become Destructive Pests

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Squirrels are very successful at surviving in urban landscapes. As long as there are trees and sources of food, squirrels can be found just about anywhere, even in the congested heart of a city. Squirrels don't often pose any problems as long as you just coexist with them; however, if you start feeding them, or leave an easy source of food in your bird feeder, they can become a nuisance. Here's why you want to get rid of squirrels when they become pests and how you can go about it:

Squirrels Can Become Aggressive

When squirrels get used to being around humans and being hand fed, they can become aggressive. They don't do it to be mean, they're just trying to get food. They may scramble up your pants and scratch you or try to grab food and bite you accidentally. Even though they cause injury by mistake, they can be dangerous when you have kids in your yard. Their claws and teeth are sharp, and their quick movements can be frightening to children. Leaving food out for squirrels or hand-feeding them peanuts is usually a bad idea that ends in disaster for you and the squirrels. Squirrels are smart and determined, and they may eventually chew a way into your attic to look for the food you provide.

An Animal Removal Expert May Be Needed

The first step to take in getting rid of squirrels is to cut off their food supply. Make sure there is nothing outdoors they can eat so the squirrels will move on. They may still nest in your trees and forage in your yard, but once the habit of an easy meal is broken, they will become less of a problem. Next, you'll want to seal up your house if they've chewed holes in your attic to get inside. The last step is to trap squirrels that are living in your attic. You'll probably need an animal removal professional for help doing this. If possible, you may want to drive them outside and then seal the entry hole so they can't get back in. You can contact companies like Wilderness Animal Control for more information.

However, the squirrels might just chew through another spot. If a squirrel is used to living in your attic, then trapping it and removing it could be the best answer. The animal may be killed or released elsewhere, and neither option is good for the squirrel. Prevention is the best way to keep squirrels under control. Although they look cute and you're tempted to befriend them, squirrels can do a lot of damage to your house if they decide to break in, so it isn't worth the risk to encourage the animals to become friendly.