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3 Ways To Keep Rats Off Your Property

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Pests can come in many different forms, but few types of pests have the ability to disgust one as much as rats. Keeping rats off your property is critical when it comes to avoiding the damage and disease these rodents can spread.

Here are three simple things that you can do to help keep rats off your property in the future.

1. Keep your garbage covered.

Rats are often drawn to residential areas due to the abundance of food that exists in these areas. Eliminating a rat's food source will cause it to seek refuge elsewhere, leaving your property free from rats in the future.

Garbage scraps serve as a primary food source for rats. Keep your garbage cans covered with a lid that fits securely to prevent rats from accessing the food scraps inside them. This will help you drive away any rats that might be living on your property.

2. Post fake owls throughout your property.

Another simple, yet effective way to get rid of rats is by posting fake owls strategically throughout your property. Rats will avoid contact with predators in order to preserve their own life.

If a rat thinks that there are owls living on your property, the rodent will take up residence elsewhere. Fake owls that are equipped with battery-powered sound effects can be a great way to deter rats without relying on harsh chemicals in the future. You can purchase these at any store that offers rat pest control products.

3. Spray peppermint oil around your property.

Rodents have a keen sense of smell that helps them locate food sources in the wild. You can capitalize on their superb sense of smell when trying to eliminate rats from your property by spraying peppermint oil around your property.

Peppermint oil has an extremely strong smell, and the scent is one that rodents find offensive. Diluting some peppermint essential oil in water and spritzing the perimeter of your property, home, and any sheds or outbuildings located on your property will help you rid these spaces of rats in the future.

Being able to keep your property free from rodents is essential when it comes to preventing the damage and disease these pests can spread. Getting rid of rats without utilizing harsh chemicals might seem impossible, but you can try covering your garbage cans to eliminate the rats' food source, posting fake owls to scare the rats away, and spraying peppermint oil to drive rats off your property in the future.