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3 Tips For Increasing The Effectiveness Of Professional Roach Control Services

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Roach infestations are one of the most common residential pest problems. Although professional services are necessary to gain control over the infestation, it is important to do your part to ensure the best possible outcome.

Maintain A Schedule

Once an exterminator has treated your home for roaches, they will likely recommend ongoing maintenance. When the first treatment seems successful at stopping the problem, many homeowners feel it is unnecessary to maintain their treatment schedule. Unfortunately, this can lead to bigger problems. There can be roaches hiding in the walls that you cannot see, so it is erroneous to assume the problem is solved. If roaches are in specific phases of development, such as their egg or nymph stage, they are protected against chemicals used for pest control. This can make them immune to the current insecticide used. Keeping your treatment schedule is the best way for current and subsequent generations of roaches to be eliminated.

Do Your Part

Make sure you are doing basic tasks that prevent roaches from finding food and water sources in your home. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, where roaches can nibble on crumbs. If you accumulate dirty dishes throughout the day, leave them in the refrigerator until you are ready to wash them. Regular vacuuming in areas where you eat can help you eliminate crumbs. Make it a habit to vacuum the dining and food preparation areas. You might want to have a special hand vacuum that you use only for tables and counter tops. Have a dedicated trash can inside your home for food waste. At the end of the day, you should tie up the bag and take it outside.

Prevent Roaches From Coming Inside

No matter how effective a treatment plan is, it will do little to protect your home if roaches can continue to enter from outside your home. Make sure you eliminate possible entrance points, such as cracks in the foundation, space under exterior doors, and spaces along window frames. Many small cracks can be fixed with caulk that is specifically made for outdoor applications. Larger holes in the walls or the foundation will need substantial repairs that likely need to be performed by a contractor. If it is during the warmer months when you notice problems, it is essential to have them fixed before the weather begins to cool off. As it approaches the fall, roaches will want to come indoors.

Eliminating a roach problem or preventing one requires a combination of professional pest control like American Pest Control Inc and effort from the resident. Both approaches can usually help you gain control over the problem quickly.