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Things To Consider When You Find A Honeybee Swarm On Your Property

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Honeybees are valuable insects. They help pollinate food crops, ensuring healthy crops of food for people to consume. In fact, in the US, approximately one-third of the food crops benefit from honey bee pollination — either directly or indirectly. Because honeybees are such important creatures, you need to put a lot of thought into how to deal with bee removal on your property. Before you hire a pest removal company to deal with your honeybee problem, take these things into consideration.

Should You Kill the Bees?

You may have heard that it's illegal to kill honeybees, but it isn't. So you do have the option of hiring a pest removal company to kill off the colony of bees in your yard. The decision is completely up to you. However, you should keep in mind that it is possible for the pest removal company to relocate the hive instead of killing the bees. If you're concerned about the environment, this may be a better option for you.

Do Bees Adjust Well to New Environments?

Bees don't typically adjust to new environments well. If you want to have the bees relocated, and for them to survive the relocation process, you need to have the entire swarm moved as early in the spring as possible. So if you're dealing with a bee infestation problem in March or April, your pest removal company may be able to relocate the entire swarm of bees safely. However, once you get into the summer months, the chance of the swarm surviving the relocation process lessens. At this point, you should discuss your options with your pest removal company, as it may be a better option to kill off the swarm instead.

Are the Bees Inside Your Home?

If your honeybee swarm is located on your house or inside the walls, having the swarm relocated may be your best option. If you allow the pest control company to kill off the swarm, you should be prepared for the smell of decaying bees — they do actually produce a strong odor. Also, the honey they've stored in your walls can actually attract moisture and ferment or melt if it gets hot enough, which means you'll have to deal with honey seeping down your walls. If the bees are living in your walls or on your house, discuss your options with your pest control company before proceeding to determine the best approach to the situation.

Finding a swarm of honeybees on your property isn't pleasant. Not many people want to deal with the bees living so close by, especially those with young children or pets. If you find a swarm of bees on your property, contact a local pest control specialist at a company like Bee Removal of Houston to have the hive removed or the swarm exterminated.