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Three Tips To Help Homeowners Battling A Mouse Infestation

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When a home develops a problem with mice, it is necessary for the homeowner to act quickly in order to limit the scope of this problem. However, homeowners that have little experience combating pests can be prone to making oversights that can greatly complicate the efforts at eliminating this problem.

Concentrate Your Efforts On The Areas Where Mouse Activity Is Observed

While you will need to act quickly to address the mouse problem, it is also important to be informed about the areas where this problem is occurring. While mice will be able to move throughout the home, they are likely to be prone to utilizing particular areas of the house. By identifying these problem areas, you will be able to focus your mouse elimination efforts on areas where they are likely to sow the best return. When looking for signs of mouse activity, you should pay special attention to any holes in the walls, evidence of mouse droppings, food stores or tracks through dust.

Use Odors That Are Natural Deterrents To Mice

Homes that contain pets, young children or individuals that have breathing issues may not be the best options for harsh chemical treatments. Fortunately, mice are relatively reliant on their sense of smell, and you will be able to capitalize on this by deterring the mice through the application of natural deterrents. These deterrents will include bay leaves, citrus and moth balls. In extreme cases, you may want to consider applying predator urine under the house and around the property so that mice will be more likely to avoid it.

Eliminate Easily Accessed Sources of Water

When battling a mouse problem, homeowners will often focus almost all of their efforts on eliminating food. Unfortunately, this will ignore the source of water that the mice are using to sustain themselves. Often, these water sources will be leaking pipes. Without a suitable source of water, there is a strong chance that some of the mice will leave the property.

If a mouse problem has developed in your home, you must be informed about the steps that you should be taking to combat this issue. When you are unsure of the steps that you should be taking to effectively limit the severity of your mouse problem, you will need to understand the benefits of first identifying the areas suffering the most mouse activity, using natural scents to discourage mice from coming near the house and the need to eliminate the water sources that the mice are using.