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3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Ants From Your Home

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Finding one ant in your house is not such a bad thing, but finding dozens or more each day can be gross, annoying, and very frustrating. If you would like to find a way to eliminate the ants on your own before calling a pest control company for help, you might want to try using one of these three home remedies that are known for eliminating ants from homes.


Cinnamon is a common household product used primarily for baking and cooking. Most people enjoy the smell of cinnamon, but ants do not. When ants smell cinnamon, they are highly discouraged and end up turning in the other direction. If ants get too close to the cinnamon and actually inhale the spice, they will die. Cinnamon will cause them to suffocate, and this will lead to death.

The good news about using cinnamon for this purpose is that it smells good and is completely safe for your family. To use cinnamon, you can either sprinkle it around the areas where you find ants, or you could cinnamon essential oil. With oil, you must soak cotton balls and place the cotton balls in areas where you see ants.


Vinegar is another common household product, and plain white vinegar can be effective for eliminating ants from a house. The reason for this is the smell, just like with cinnamon. Ants despise the smell of vinegar, and it also causes confusion among them. When they inhale it, they will lose their sense of direction, and they will try to find a way out of your house to get away from it.

To use vinegar for this purpose, simply pour or spray some around your doors and windowsills. You do not need a lot; you just need enough for the ants to smell it.

Lemon juice and bay leaves

Combining lemon juice and bay leaves can also be a good way to get rid of ants in your house; however, you can use each of these ingredients alone too. They seem to be more effective when used together, though.

You should begin by squeezing a lemon to get the juice from it. You can rub the juice by doorways and windowsills, and you can pour some in cracks found by your house. You can take the bay leaves and place them in the same areas. Ants do not like the smell of either of these items, and this will often cause them to look for a new place to live.

Natural remedies are great to try when you first start noticing ants, but the ant population in a house can grow rapidly if not addressed quickly. If you prefer, contact a pest control company to eliminate the ants for you.